New poll: Floridians don’t like vouchers

If voucher advocates in Florida want voters to approve a constitutional amendment to circumvent the Supreme Court decision that struck down the state’s flagship voucher program, they not only will be battling history, they’ll be fighting against public opinion, based on the results of a new poll by the St. Petersburg Times.

The poll finds that 61 percent of Floridians oppose the state’s flagship voucher program, while just 35 percent support it. The opposition crosses political and racial lines–just as it did with Michigan and California voters during the last major voucher referenda. The St. Petersburg Times poll found 52 percent of Republicans oppose the voucher plan, 67 percent of Democrats oppose it and 68 percent of Independents do as well. Sixty percent of white and Hispanic Floridians oppose the voucher plan, while 65 percent of African-Americans oppose it.

Meantime, the state Legislature continues moving forward a constitutional amendment, though its fate in the Senate is far from determined.

Erin Walsh|March 31st, 2006|Categories: NSBA Opinions and Analysis, Privatization|

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