Top tech districts to be saluted in Dallas

And the winners are! A national panel of educators met recently to select NSBA’s Technology Leadership Network Salute districts. They are the Kyrene School District in Tempe Ariz.; Loudoun County Public Schools in Ashburn, Va.; and Kokomo-Center Township Consolidated Schools in Kokomo, Ind. Kudos will be given to all three at the T+L conference in November in Dallas.

In addition, the Trailblazer Award was awarded to the Calcasieu Parish Public Schools in Lake Charles, La. The Trailblazer recognition is a result of the comprehensive technology planning that allowed the district to serve not only students and faculty, but their community at a time of crisis as a result of Hurricane Rita. Calcasieu is a worthy model to district leaders around the country who are beginning to think more strategically about how their technology resources can assist in disaster management as they face everything from the bird flu to possible terrorist attacks. Calcasieu was named as a Salute District in 1992, the first year of the TLN recognition program, and only two of the 42 previously saluted districts have received the Trailblazer designation.

Erin Walsh|June 7th, 2006|Categories: Educational Technology, NSBA Opinions and Analysis|

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