Spinning Wheels

Remember the feeling of the adult in your life letting go of the bike seat and sailing off into the empty space with speed, grace, and perhaps an abrupt stop into some bushes? Can you hear the flicking of the baseball card in the spokes, or the dinging of that shiny metal bell on the handlebars? Bicycling launches childhood into a new realm and expands the possibilities to beyond one’s yard or street, and into the whole neighborhood. Even as we type this, BoardBuzz yearns for those days . . . but we digress.

As we hear more about childhood obesity and staggering statistics about American’s sedentary lives, we remind you that May is National Bike Month and this week is Bike Week. Now before you fire up your Harley, the bike we’re referring to has pedals and sweat-power instead of horse-power. Friday is Bike to Work Day, and with gas prices on a cease-less climb, why not look at your options? The League of American Bicyclists has some great tips for many cities around the county. Plus, you’ll be leading by example to the millions of school kids that ride their bikes to school and other places everyday. They even have safety tips for students and adults. Just remember to wear a helmet!

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