Be prepared

BoardBuzz is taking a page from the Boy Scouts and reminding our readers that it never hurts to be prepared.  And our friends at the Iowa Association of School Boards has shared a great resource to help us do that. 

IASB has compiled a resource called Lessons Learned: Natural Disasters Toolkit to help school districts prepare for the unexpected.  The toolkit, developed in the wake of diasters that hit that state last year (specifically tornadoes and floods), is designed to to get school board/superintendent teams thinking seriously about what they need to do to prepare for and recover from natural disasters.  And while some of the information is specific to Iowa, there are valuable resources that will be useful to school districts all over the country.

You can also check out a video resource by clicking here.  What has your district done to prepare for the worst?  Leave a comment and share your resources with BoardBuzz.

Christina Gordon|May 18th, 2009|Categories: School Boards, Announcements, Crisis Management, School Security, NSBA Opinions and Analysis|

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