Experience Mapleton: Small schools = student success

Educators planning to attend NSBA’s T+L Conference in Denver have the opportunity to book a visit to the same district that President Obama included in one of his campaign stops last fall.   The Mapleton Public Schools and their innovative small school initiatives offer an interesting alternative to past T+L conference site visits.  No doubt that technology is essential to their programs, but it serves in a supporting role to the real star of the show, improved student achievement. If you’re not familiar with Mapleton’s Reinvention Campaign, check out this Business Week story from 2006 or listen to the district’s teachers and administrators tell you why they embarked on this journey to change the educational experience for their students. If you care about kids, you owe it to yourself to visit a district that has actually put ideas into practice that are often just the subject of conceptual debates. Whether or not you agree with all of their decisions is irrelevant.  What is important, however, is how their work can inspire you to think differently about the educational alternatives your own district is providing.Mapleton – Building on Choice

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