BrainPOPing nuggets of knowledge

Note taking in the 21st Century!  Are whiteboards increasing student ability to take notes?  See how a 4th grade class is using BrainPOP movies and activity pages for note taking.  With these 21st century tools, note taking has become interactive by allowing teachers to provide feedback on effective note taking while it’s happening.  Note taking skills are essential throughout a student’s life and BrainPOP, who will present at T+L this October, recognized the need to help properly develop that skill which will provide students with an opportunity to excel in the classroom.  Watch the below video to see BrainPOP in action! 

Do you use BrainPOP in your classroom or school district?  If so, please share your experience and the impact on learning and student development.

Colleen O'Brien|September 17th, 2009|Categories: 21st Century Skills, Educational Technology, Professional Development, Student Achievement, Student Engagement, T+L|


  1. khairon says:

    sometimes i still think whiteboards are putting students to stay focus and understand learning better because the notes are not static and ready from a to z..

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