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1324-1244037291TW67It was a busy week for education on the Hill, with the Obama administration releasing the National Education Technology Plan, the National Broadband Plan, and a blueprint for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which drew lots of news coverage, analysis, criticism, bemoaning, and scant praise which Mike Petrilli over at Flypaper summed up quite nicely.

We’ve long known the importance of the work we do in education, but it’s interesting to hear celebrities sound off on the triumphs and failures of public schools. Speaking of triumphs and failures, the Educated Nation gives a backwards compliment to blogger Penelope Trunk, who riffs on what success means and doesn’t. Definitely food for thought.

And while we’ve got you thinking, the New York Times wrote a fascinating (somewhat disturbing) piece on how privacy can sometimes be compromised in the age of information technology, prompting its editors at the Learning Network to pose this question: what can strangers learn about you online?

Based on my online activity, I’d think you could deduce it was a hectic week, though compared to Miss Brave, I’ve got nothing to complain about. Happy Friday everyone!

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