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  1. Maureen
    April 1, 2011

    NWP has been a major force in supporting excellent practice in the teaching of writing. It is hard to imagine another organization so helpful and supportive of both teachers and students. Some of the finest teachers I know have benefitted from being a part of this program, including the wonderful folks in South Carolina, and my friend Carol Tateishi, who is the director of the Bay Area Writing Project and who now runs a project in South Korea every summer. NWP helps teachers write, learn, and grow as professionals, resulting in millions of students’ seeing themselves as writers. Writing has flourished in ways it never would have absent NWP. It will be a real travesty if funding is lost.

    After all, George Orwell said, “If you can’t write, you can’t think, and if you can’t think, others will do your thinking for you.” Is it possible that the powers that be do not want a thinking citizenry?

    Great article. Hats off to Melissa Major! I hope she will follow up with more information on what’s happening with all the proposed budget cuts in education.

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