Education headlines: High school graduation rate rises

Education Week’s annual Diplomas Count report found a significant jump in the number of students graduating high school–more now than any time during the 1980s. Read NSBA’s Center for Public Education’s analysis on Board Buzz. The report is among the growing number of skeptics questioning whether the “College for All” movement is right for all students. (“Has the Push college push gone too far?” was a presentation at NSBA’s annual conference in April. Read more about the session in Conference Daily).

The prosecution of a homeless mother who forged her babysitter’s address to enroll her child in a Connecticut elementary school has gained national attention. The Rev. Al Sharpton is using the situation to call for more equality in public education, NBC Connecticut reports… In a lengthy article, the New York Times examines a fast-growing network of charter schools run by Turkish natives, some with ties to a moderate Islamic preacher, and questions whether the network is using taxpayer dollars to help the religious movement by hiring Turkish employees and contractors for nearly all its services… And more schools and state legislatures are rethinking zero-tolerance discipline policies that have led to lengthy suspensions and ousters for such mistakes as carrying toy guns or Advil, the Washington Post reports.

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