NSBA in the News: “Should children have to compete for their education?”

Mary Fertakis, a member of the Tukwila, Wash., school board and president-elect of the Washington State School Directors’ Association, wrote a column for the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet blog this week discussing competitive federal grant programs and the disadvantages many students and school districts face.

Fertakis posed the question, “Should children have to compete for their education?” to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan at NSBA’s 2011 Federal Relations Network conference in February. Read the column and be sure to leave your comments.

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  1. mary ellen johnson says:

    You are absolutely correct. Not only are schools at much different starting places, the little increments of progress are not rewarded or for that matter recognized. What in the world are we doing to our students????

    the educational crisis we faced today is socioeconomic.

    great, race the bar but, you don’t drop off your child like a piece of dry cleaning. it takes a village to raise a child, school, community and most of all family. All of which the demographics have changed. not for the better either.

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