NSBA in the News: US moves to head off states’ revolt over NCLB

For months, NSBA and other education groups have asked Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the White House to grant relief for school districts under the No Child Left Behind Act. The Christian Science Monitor notes NSBA’s stance in this story: “With some states in open revolt against education reforms in the No Child Left Behind law, the Obama administration prepares to issue waivers from certain requirements. But states must agree to a different set of reforms to qualify,” the newspaper writes.

Officials in three states–Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota, say they will refuse to raise the “adequate yearly progress” bar this year to avoid unfairly labeling more schools  as failing. A recent survey by NSBA identified key areas where relief is most needed.

Read updates and more about NSBA’s positions on NCLB and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act reauthorization in this issue brief.


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