NSBA featured on Education Nation’s “Ask an Expert”

The National School Boards Association’s Executive Director, Anne L. Bryant, is this week’s “Ask an Expert” on NBC’s Education Nation. You can ask Bryant a question or view questions she has answered.

“Ask-an-Expert” series is an ongoing initiative of Education Nation to bring questions to some of the leading experts in educational issues.

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  1. Wayne Monson, EdD says:

    As I have stated previously, my previous work as an educator and coach at the secondary and collegiate levels obviously suffered due to lack of training while I was in college. Since I have been in industry and business as an I/O psychologist, I have often wondered why the management and executive training courses in facilitating small groups and individuals, leadership skills training, basics in communication and motivation, basics in team building for involvement and participation, and dealing with opposition and disorder, including poor performance interviews (PA) have not been gobbled up within the colleges when providing teacher training. Businesses historically have always been light years ahead of our educational resources when it comes to preparing groups for managing and encouraging for effective learning and performance. Unfortunately, the status quo and threat of interference to their domains have made administrators and teachers reluctant to investigate the industrial arena for better practices. We are educating our youth to be successful in their chosen careers, yet cannot see the relationship that exists between education and industry/business. I remain, Dr. Monson,

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