NSBA reviews RTTT proposal for school districts

The National School Boards Association is reviewing the U.S. Department of Education’s draft plan for a new Race to the Top (RTTT) district competition. The proposal would send nearly $400 million directly to eligible school districts, regardless of whether their states applied for the RTTT state grants.

The agency announced its proposal on May 22 and will take public comments through June 8.

The program would give grants up to $25 million to school districts that have at least 2,500 students and at least 40 percent of students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch.

The proposal includes a requirement for school board evaluations as a contingency of a school district receiving funds. Reginald Felton, NSBA’s Assistant Executive Director for Congressional Relations, said that NSBA would not favor a comprehensive evaluation process, but would rather see a system based on indicators of support for increased student performance and focusing on specific responsibilities rather than a board’s overall performance.

Read more about the  proposal on the Education Department’s website.



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