“Won’t Back Down” misses that turning around a failing school is everyone’s business

NSBA Executive Director Anne L. Bryant is attending NBC’s Education Nation event this week in New York City, and part of the exclusive event included a red-carpet screening of the new film “Won’t Back Down.”

The film, which conveys a fictional story of a mother who seeks to enact a parent-trigger law on her daughter’s underperforming school, seeks to elicit more discussion about that type of law. However, Bryant cautions that research shows different strategies may be more effective in a Sept. 24 blog for Transforming Learning, a blog by members of the Learning First Alliance that is hosted by Education Week.

“While we wouldn’t expect a Hollywood production about public schools to be grounded in research-based facts, there are many reasons to be concerned about the images of educators portrayed in the movie and the fanfare surrounding this type of law — which so far has only been used in one instance but has piqued the interest of legislatures in several states,” Bryant writes. “While ‘parent involvement’ always sounds agreeable, we have research showing that certain parental strategies work much better than others — and parent trigger laws are far from being a proven methodology.”

What works, she notes, are school boards that hold administrators accountable for student performance and engage parents and community members. Bryant also discusses research from the Center for Public Education that shows which parental involvement strategies show the most impact on their children’s learning.

Read more at Education Week’s website.


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