NSBA General Counsel discusses school safety policies for Education Week

The  National School Boards Association’s General Counsel praised the response of school officials in the Newtown, Conn., school shootings last month and gives advice for other school districts in a commentary for Education Week.

Francisco M. Negrón Jr. noted that the Newtown school district had a sound policy in place, and more lives could have been lost had it not been for the quick thinking of the school principal and other staff, some of whom were killed by the gunman.

“It is because of plans and training like those in Newtown that schools across the United States will continue to be the safe havens they are for the vast majority of students, in spite of the depraved acts of those determined to harm our children.  Parents and families can help by being part of the dialogue that encourages engagement among local school district leaders, local law enforcement and the community to determine the best emergency plans for their schools. Once those partnerships are in place, schools can help by regularly training school officials on the procedures.  Parents should also understand the emergency plans and should talk to their children in an age appropriate manner about following the directives of teachers and other school officials.”

The commentary was published in the Transforming Learning blog, a project of the Learning First Alliance, a coalition of 16 major education organizations.

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