School boards call for adequate funding for public education, instead of government shutdown

With the federal government shutdown spurred by Congress’ lack of agreement on significant budget issues, Thomas J. Gentzel, the Executive Director of the National School Boards Association, released the following statement:

Much of the attention surrounding the federal government shutdown has revolved around the lack of agreement between parties on the Affordable Care Act. However, this shutdown reflects a much larger and long-term problem with Congress and the budget process for K-12 education programs.

For several years Congress has passed budgets built on continuing resolutions with education programs funded at the same levels as the year before or cut because of sequestration. This process does not adequately fund the high-priority education programs that will impact student learning, and public schools across the U.S. deserve better from our leaders in Washington.

The National School Boards Association urges Congress’ swift bipartisan action to pass a funding bill that will help sustain and continue public schools’ progress to improve student learning, increase graduation rates, and prepare all students for college and careers. As a key priority for our children, education investments should not be stalled because of partisanship.

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