TSBA launches website with parent resources and school information

The Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) has developed a website, MyTennesseePublicSchools.net, with the idea that parents shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for answers to questions they have about public schools. Information should be easy to find. MyTennesseePublicSchools.net is a collection of resources and need-to-know information to help your child succeed in public school. Topics such as “School District and Individual School Information” will help parents and other interested parties get started, and topics such as the “School System’s Leadership” will deepen their understanding of the roles that various school personnel play in the operation of the educational process.

MyTennesseePublicSchools.net was created by TSBA to provide districts with a resource to help parents become acquainted with the Tennessee public school system. Though many of the specific questions parents have can best be answered by contacting the individual school, this site presents general information about how to enroll, understand the school system, and get involved with their child’s education. The site aims to create a comfortable experience for those entering the Tennessee public school system by providing quick access links and various insight on how best to be prepared.

This site has been designed specifically for parents who are new to the Tennessee public school system, and TSBA encourages other state school boards associations and school districts to use and distribute the information as well.

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