NSBA Technology Site Visits highlighted on Education Talk Radio

On Tuesday, March 18, Education Talk Radio host Larry Jacobs discussed how school boards can drive education technology innovation and integration with a panel of experts, including Ann Flynn, Director of Education Technology at the National School Boards Association (NSBA); Greg Wilborn, Colorado Springs School District 11’s Personalized Learning Coordinator in Colorado Springs, Colo.; and Mike Dronen, Executive Director of Technology for Minnetonka Public Schools in Minnetonka, Minn.

The radio discussion focused on both the Colorado Springs and Minnetonka districts, which will be featured on upcoming Technology Leadership Network (TLN) Education Site Visits in April and May 2014.

Site visits recognize school districts with sustained, long-term visions for education technology paired with personalized learning and professional development for educators.

“It’s critical for school board members to create an awareness around education technology, particularly how it impacts teaching and learning, district operations, and communications strategies,” said Flynn. “Site visits provide an intersection between policy and practice: How do you handle mobile devices in school? How do you protect student data? These site visits provide real-world examples.”

Since NSBA’s popular 2007 TLN site visit in Minnetonka, significant innovations have been introduced that warrant a second visit.  Dronen provided details about how technology accelerates learning in the primary grades through language immersion, early childhood, special education, and the arts while Minnetonka’s 1:1 iPad program highlights the district’s approach to digital learning at the secondary level.

Wilborn spoke about the trajectory of personalized learning at Colorado Springs District 11. The visit will focus on the district’s commitment to Personalized Learning Plans, the staffing and professional development to support them, and how technology helps to prepare every student, every day and in every class for a world yet to be imagined.

Listen to the Education Talk Radio:

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Additional details about NSBA’s Education Technology Site Visits are available at www.nsba.org/tlnsitevisits.

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