Share how your school district earns trust

School districts that earn the trust of their key stakeholder groups are more likely to win bond referendums, successfully implement their plans, and enjoy a better relationship with their communities than those districts where trust is lacking.

But what creates trust? Is it science? Can a process be found that works every time? Or must you tailor the process to fit your district’s size and location, the socioeconomic status of your constituents, and other factors?

Uncovering which elements of trust are shared, which are unique, and which can build successful school district/stakeholder group relationships is the purpose of The Trust Project. The study is a cooperative venture of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and Patron Insight, Inc.

You can contribute to the accuracy of this important study by taking The Trust Project’s 10-minute, online survey on trust. All responses are confidential. (Please be aware that the survey is set up to limit responses to one per computer address, so if you “exit the survey” before you have completed it, you will not be able to return later.)

A copy of the survey’s results will be sent directly to anyone who provides optional contact information. Survey results will be made available to the public at a later date.

The survey will be open through the end of August.

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