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Help us…help you!

In these challenging times, educational leaders are tasked with doing more with less, finding new sources of funding, planning for the future, and being accountable for the decisions they make—all with a mind focused on student achievement.

NSBA knows you have to watch—and account for—every penny you spend. So why attend the 2009 NSBA Annual Conference? NSBA is committed to helping districts meet these challenges with 300 educational sessions and more than 26 hours of economic impact-related programming. One great idea can more the cover your conference costs—conference and special programming details can be found on NSBA’s website.

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Log in and learn!

T+L is in full swing in Seattle, and you can get a direct line to the conference by checking out the conference blog. You can listen to the podcast interviews with two of the Twenty to Watch, Lenny Schad and Ryan Imbriale.

And today at 1:00 p.m. PT, be sure to check out the online discussion, “It’s Not Just Fun and Games” which will examine the educational benefits of using video games in the classroom.

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Follow us to Seattle!

BoardBuzz is off to Seattle next week for the T+L Conference. Starting, well, a few weeks ago, actually, you can check out the T+L blog and see what’s going on in ed tech, in preparation for, and at the conference. You’ll get the conference perspective from attendees, which is especially exciting if you’re unable to attend. You’ll feel just like you’re there!!!

And don’t forget to log in to the two online discussions that will be taking place in Seattle: It’s not all fun and games! which will examine how can your school district find the best way to use educational video games on October 28, 1:00 p.m. PT. and Yours, Mine, and Ours which will discuss letting students use their own devices in schools on October 29 at 1:00 p.m. PT. Leave a question now and log in live next week!

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Online learning from T+L

BoardBuzz is excited to announce two online discussions that will take place during the T+L Conference in Seattle. These hot topic discussions are sure to get tongues wagging (or fingers typing, at least), so be sure to tune in!

It’s not all fun and games!
How schools can harness educational games for learning

It’s no secret that kids love video games. And even an recent article in the New York Times has highlighted the advantages that some games can present. But how can your school district find the best way to use these games? Log in and learn from expert Julie Evans, CEO of Project Tomorrow, the educational benefits of using gaming in the classroom. Submit your questions now for this online discussion which will take place during NSBA’s T+L Conference, October 28, 1:00 p.m. PT.

Yours, Mine, and Ours
Ways school districts can make it work with students’ personal technology devices

With all the talk of one-to-one computing, school districts are working hard to find ways to put technology in every student’s hands. Why not let students use their own devices – laptops, ipods, voice recorders – in school to enhance their learning? Kathy Rains, Director of Technology, in the Madison (AL) City Schools will discuss the ups and downs, the challenges and opportunities, of these options and how school districts can make it work. Leave a question for Kathy or tune in live on Wednesday, October 29 at 1:00 p.m. PT.

And don’t forget, we’ll be on the west coast, so be sure to tune in during Pacific Time. We hope to see you (and your questions) there!

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Let the learning begin . . .

We’re just about a week away from NSBA’s T+L Conference, and BoardBuzz wants to remind you to check out the conference blog. It’s already seen some action and is sure to pick up steam in the coming days.

And it’s not too late to attend the conference. Click here to learn more and find out how to attend. With keynote addresses from Paul Saffo, David Warlick, and Joe Caruso, as well as more than 200 sessions, a jam-packed exhibit hall, and special events, this conference is not to be missed!

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Tech tock

That’s right, time is flying by and NSBA’s annual T+L Conference will be here before you know it! This year’s conference, which will be held from October 28-30 in Seattle, will highlight the latest and greatest in 21st century learning.

Registration and housing are now open, as is the T+L blog. A perennial favorite, the blog offers up-to-the-minute information about what’s going on pre-conference, and attendee perspective during and after the conference.

To register or for more information on preconference sessions, keynote speakers, and field trips, check out the conference Web site today! And new this year, you can “find us on Facebook!”

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Mark your calendars now!

NSBA has planning for its 2009 Annual Conference in San Diego, California underway, and BoardBuzz was happy to check in to see what is in store so far.

Registration will open September 15, 2008, so remember to mark your calendar so you don’t miss out. BoardBuzz was especially excited to hear that renowned actress and best-selling author Julie Andrews will address attendees as a general session speaker on Monday, April 6, 2009. We can’t wait!

Remember to keep checking the conference Web site for the most up-to-date information on attending, speakers, pre-conference workshops and more…. There is more great stuff to come!

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Technology, education and assessment in a global society

No child left behind — easier said than done, right?

In a culture so focused on improving our education system, how do teachers, administrators, educators, and board members cater to the growing education needs of students while providing individualized assessment? Across the country, school districts are working hard to use their shrinking budgets (have we mentioned this before?) creatively and implement technology resources for professional development to cut costs but also results in the ability to reach more educators in more individualized ways. They are using technology to create and share lesson plans, enhance their curriculum offerings, and gain fresh perspectives. Teachers are taking education to new heights with student response systems that help teachers track student progress throughout the year and also affords the opportunity to cater more to the learning needs of each particular child.

Teachers and administrators face a flat world where education is no longer just arithmetic, U.S. History, and biology. We’ve become a society filled with expanding horizons, languages, histories, and a world that is becoming more homogenous demands more from the education system that supports an evolving world. So how do schools adapt to their new and expanding role in education? How can our education system prepare student for jobs that don’t yet exist? The answer lies in new approaches to education. This new approach, which is ever-evolving to keep up with the demands, what is often called 21st century education. 21st Century learning environments when planned for properly and executed with knowledge have positive impacts on education, school district budgets, and the environment.

Want to learn more? NSBA’s T+L Conference will shed light on 21st century education and the vital role that education leaders and decision makers play in the inception, planning, and execution of transforming education for tomorrow’s leaders.

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Rudy Crew Speaks to CUBE

Dr. Rudy Crew, Miami-Dade’s superintendent, spoke to a packed room at CUBE‘s Issues Seminar this morning in Miami. As the country’s fourth largest district and the winner of last year’s CUBE Award for Excellence, Dr. Crew spent time discussing the innovative style he’s brought to Miami-Dade and the sometimes difficult choices that have to be made to benefit the children of the district. “We have to look at the way we look at children. It’s not about yesterday’s assumption base to define the children of today. It starts with belief,” he said.

The theme of CUBE’s Issues Seminar this year is Parent and Community Involvement. Miami-Dade’s Parent Academy devotes resources and a tremendous staff to helping parents and community leaders work with the schools to help children learn. Dr. Crew echoed the program’s mission by pushing those in attendance to use the community as an asset and to help build the relationships that are going to help students achieve. “It’s all about the kids and moving the energies of success to get to the end zone.”

With over 300,000 students, Miami-Dade has looked at new ways to work with students to improve their achievement and find answers to tough questions about how students learn, their reading and math scores, and alternatives to traditional schooling methods. Dr. Crew stressed the building of a community saying, “Build a bridge from your aspirations into practicality. That’s 21st century learning.”

His message today was primarily about his experience as superintendent in Miami-Dade and in New York City, but Dr. Crew was quick to point out that regardless of the size of the district, whether it was less than 5 or 10,000 all the way up to the largest districts in the county, “it’s all about keeping the conversation about children and achievement.” If it were that simple all the time, many of our educational woes would be behind us.

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NSBA supports arts in education

Close your eyes, open your mind, and let the music carry you away. The National Association for Music Education (MENC), in conjunction with Technology Leadership Network (TLN), announced the winners of NSBA’s Student Electronic Music Composition Talent Search 2008.

Each year students from around the country submit their compositions for review by a national committee. Winners are selected for each of the following categories: elementary (through grade 5), middle level (grades 6-8), and high school (grades 9-12). Entries are judged based on their aesthetic quality; effective use of electronic media; the power of the composition and its presentation in communicating to school board members, administrators, and others; and the excitement and effectiveness of electronic music composition in the school curriculum. NSBA and MENC work together to emphasize and raise awareness of the important role of arts in 21st Century learning environments and K-12 education to ensure well rounded students and curriculum.

This year’s winners are:

High School Winner: Daniel Mulé, The Gates of Hell
Middle School Winner: Erin Graham, The Starship
Middle School Runner Up: Lindsey Zeichner, Fire

Winning students will be honored at NSBA’s T+L Conference in Seattle, October 28–30, 2008. In addition, each winner will receive a prize package made up of software and materials from Sibelius USA, MagicScore Music Software, and MENC.

Please visit the T+L Website to listen to 2008’s national winner’s compositions! Their music is sure to inspire and impress you as each composition tells a story and reveals the wonderful role that arts play in the education system.

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