Leadership and alignment improve Latino student achievement

One of the first tasks of Robert Arias did when he accepted the superintendency in Bakersfield, Calif., was to work with the school board to align the board’s values and goals with the work of the central office and the school improvement plans at each campus. “Clarity precedes competence,” Arias told attendees at a Hispanic […]

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Professor learns by labeling students ‘designers, artists, and writers’

When S. Craig Watkins, a professor of radio-television-film at the University of Texas at Austin, and his partners went into an Austin high school to help the students make an interactive iPad book in three weeks, they wanted to make changes based on the research they had done on how students learn best with technology.

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deGrasse Tyson: STEM illiteracy will affect economy

Neil deGrasse Tyson did not want to talk about Pluto with the audience of NSBA’s Second General Session Sunday. Yes, the New York astrophysicist, author, television commentator, and conference key speaker did have a hand in demoting Pluto from its planetary status (Tyson says he was an “accessory” in the demotion). And yes, he has a cabinet full of hate mail, mostly from third-graders who were irate about the Pluto situation.

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Want to turn around your schools? First find, fix educator incivility

Leaders who want to improve struggling schools are missing the boat if they start focusing on issues such as instruction, technology and textbooks, according to a Kentucky superintendent who is researching the impact of “workplace incivility” on public education.

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9/12 documentary focuses on disaster recovery

When representatives of service learning project showed a 45-minute film Sunday that focused on the value of helping others recover from disaster, there were sniffles around the room at NSBA’s 2013 Annual Conference.

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Board member, teacher promotes value of technology in schools

If you’re not connected, you’re disconnected. That was the message of Inman, Kan. school board member Kevin Honeycutt, who spoke at an Educational Technology luncheon at the 2013 NSBA Annual Conference.

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Massey reflects on “adaptive” year as NSBA President

Adaptive leadership was the theme of C. Ed Massey’s presidency this year, and in his final address as president of the National School Boards Association (NSBA), he reflected on the changes this leadership has brought about. “We have adapted by selecting our new executive director and by creating the New NSBA,” he said at the […]

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Dealing with school threats

The plethora of challenges that face our children every day was the focus of a Sunday session called “A Realistic Study of School Threats.” Presenter Richard J. Caster of the Ohio School Boards Association emphasized that not all threats to our students are from the outside. Many of the activities our students engage in can […]

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NSBA’s legal advocacy making an impact for school districts: Negrón

The National School Boards Association files more legal briefs in federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court than all other educational organizations combined, NSBA General Counsel Francisco Negrón said Sunday at NSBA’s 2013 Annual Conference.

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Framework for superintendent evals

Board members and superintendents typically lament their process and outcomes for superintendent evaluation. At their Sunday session, “A Deeper Look at Superintendent Evaluation,” Phil Gore, director of leadership development services for Washington State School Directors Association and Gary Cohn, superintendent of Washington’s Everett School District, gave participants a standards- and research-based framework to practice and […]

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