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What would you do if: You were asked to drop a longtime vendor?

For years, ABC School District has provided parents with the option of buying their children’s school supplies from one vendor and having it delivered to them in a box at the beginning of the school year.

Lately, some parents have complained about the substandard quality of the supplies and urged the district to switch vendors. But dropping their current supplier might mean losing out on cost savings the district and parents enjoyed through bulk purchasing.

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What would you do if …

The July issue of American School Board Journal asks readers their advice on this scenario:

The superintendent and board were stumped. For years, the district had tried to get parents and the community more involved. The administration was out of ideas. School board members were dismayed but at a loss themselves. What should they do?

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What would do you if …

The June issue of the American School Board Journal asks readers what would you in this situation?

A superintendent was grooming one of his assistants to take over his job when he retired. He hadn’t set a retirement date yet, but the board was aware he planned to retire in the next five years and most of them were happy he’d given them enough time to make a leadership transition.

However, some board members weren’t sure it was a good idea the superintendent had an heir apparent. They were concerned that it might look like favoritism. The superintendent believed it was the best way to ensure continuity of all the reforms he and the board had put into place over the past decade. What should the board do?

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