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March devoted to issue we should mind everyday: good nutrition

fruits-and-vegetablesAs the lion and lamb weather of March rolls in, the American Dietetic Association kick-offs National Nutrition Month.

This annual campaign is designed to educate citizens about the importance of exercise and making healthy day-to-day food choices.

Changing habits as an adult is possible, but extremely difficult—especially if it means reinventing your entire lifestyle. That’s why it’s especially important to education children and teens about nutrition—helping them to understand that a healthy lifestyle should be a top priority.

Statistics about national childhood obesity are nothing short of disturbing. One third of America’s children are overweight or obese, according to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign.    

On average, children spend nearly half of their waking hours in school, so it is imperative the nutritional school lunches are provided. A recent study in Michigan found that children who ate the school lunch regularly were at a higher risk for obesity, The New York Times reports.  

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