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What would you do if parents wanted creationism taught in science class?

In the November edition of the American School Board Journal, the Adviser Poll poses this scenario to our readers:

A group of parents and others who attend a large church in the school district began regularly attending board meetings to lobby for the teaching of creationism in the science curriculum. Administrators strongly objected.

The board wanted to be respectful of cultural and religious beliefs in the community, but also felt it was their responsibility to provide a strong foundation in science to the students. What should they do?

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What would you do if your community was reluctant to pass a bond issue?

October’s ASBJ Adviser Poll asks readers to weigh in on this scenario:

A school district badly needed to repair and rebuild several school buildings, but the community kept voting down the bond measures. The school board had always been fiscally responsible and frugal— so frugal voters were not accustomed to being asked approve a tax hike. In the midst of yet another bond issue campaign, what should the board do?

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What would do you if …

The May ASBJ Advisor Poll asks readers what they would do in this situation:

A school board was revamping its goals and its members couldn’t agree on whether to include “increasing student achievement” as one of them. One faction of the board felt the statement was an implicit and understood part of the district’s mission. But another faction disagreed, arguing that explicitly stating the goal made it visible, serving as a constant reminder of what they stood for.

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What would you do if ….

The American School Board Journal’s monthly Adviser Poll asks:

What would you do if a superintendent wanted the school board to make its self-evaluation public? The board had been using an electronic evaluation tool for teachers and administrators. Now the superintendent wanted the board to use the same tool and allow the school community to see the results.

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