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Dunkin with Duncan? New ed secretary already fielding offers to play ball

What do you say to the new U.S. education secretary — a bona fide basketball star — after you’ve just learned he’s decided to send his children to your school district, the Arlington (Va.) Public Schools?

Well, naturally, you invite him to the venerable and long-running Wednesday night “fathers, friends, and hangers-on” pickup basketball games at your daughter’s elementary school.

What do you say if you’re the new U.S. education secretary and a former co-captain of Harvard’s basketball team, who’s accustomed to playing ball with the president, and you’ve just been asked to play in a pint-sized elementary school gym with a host of (can’t really call them “weekend,” — let’s say “Wednesday night”) athletes in various sizes and shades of in- and out-of shape-ness?

You demur.

“Well, I, ah, haven’t really thought that part out yet,” the Secretary graciously said.

Last week, I talked about my recent interview with Arne Duncan, which will appear in the April issue of ASBJ. Most of the interview concerned education policy and the stimulus package. This week I wanted to add something about why Duncan chose the Arlington Public Schools, which won’t make it into the magazine.

“My family’s obviously sacrificing a lot for me to do this work, and it’s so critical that we find great schools,” he said. “There are great schools here [in Duncan’s Chicago neighborhood] and it’s also important for me that the schools be diverse. We come from a very diverse community — Hyde Park- – on the south side of Chicago. And that’s just extraordinarily important that my children continue to grow up in that type of environment. And what we found here [in Arlington] was that combination of both real academic rigor and diversity.”

I asked him what it was like playing basketball with the president.

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