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Credit recovery increasingly embraced as dropout prevention strategy

It’s such a logical concept, you might wonder why more schools didn’t embrace it years ago. But credit recovery is a hot topic now, and with good reason.

In today’s competitive environment, dropping out of high school is no longer an option — the jobs just aren’t there. But also becoming obsolete is the idea that high school can be an endpoint of education and training. With machines able to do more and more — and do it more cheaply – the new jobs being created require special skills and training that weren’t needed on many 20th century assembly lines.

A new policy brief by the Education Commission of the States — part of ESC’s Progress of Education Reform series, does a good job of defining just what credit recovery is and isn’t (i.e., remediation) and why it’s a key tool to not only increase graduation rates, but to prepare students for future learning, either in the vocational or academic realm. And it looks at what some innovative states are doing to give high school students a better shot at attaining their goals.

Lawrence Hardy, Senior Editor

Naomi Dillon|July 5th, 2011|Categories: Student Achievement, Dropout Prevention, Policy Formation, American School Board Journal|Tags: |
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