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1386-0902-0318-0632The announcement that Delaware and Tennessee won the jackpot — $100 million and $500 million, respectively— in the first round of the federal Race to the Top program was this week’s big news. As could be expected, ED’s picks (which Duncan explained was predicated on each state’s willingness to draft new legislation to support federal goals and accompanying statewide support for those changes) naturally elicited some commentary and criticism.

Another big issue brewing this week, which Washington Post‘s Answer Sheet advises everyone to pay attention to, even if you don’t live in Florida, is the furor state legislators have sparked with a proposed bill that would revamp the way teachers are compensated, tying evaluations, salary, and job security to student performance. The bill goes to the state’s house education policy council on Monday, when the series of organized protests that have go on throughout the state will reach a fever pitch, with groups planning to line U.S. 1 from Miami to Fernandina.

Staying on the subject of high expectations, blogger Robert Pondiscio leads us out with an intriguing riff on a new study published in the latest American Sociological Review that asks the question: Is there a downside to shooting for the stars? Look for it on our Facebook page.

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