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One trend creating another?

column-chart-mdYesterday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced a new initiative he hoped would encourage school districts in the state to share costs and ultimately savings in the business of public education. His incentive: money.

I think it’s brilliant. And while I pinpointed the proliferation of partnerships and consolidation of services for this year’s Education Vital Signs, I could not have seen and did not guess it would spawn yet another education trend, though at the moment Texas seems to be only one offering state funds— a grant equal to 10 percent of a district’s first-year savings—for districts that pool their resources. But I can see that changing quickly.

After all, it doesn’t take rocket science— some basic business sense, perhaps— to understand the economies of scale that can be achieved by buying in bulk and spreading the cost out among multiple parties.

Naomi Dillon|September 1st, 2010|Categories: Governance, Budgeting, American School Board Journal|Tags: , , , , , |
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