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School lunches partially blamed for making the next generation unfit for duty

When considering the “dangers” of school lunch, parents’ concerns probably don’t go much further than worrying about their child trading his carrot sticks for that peanut butter sandwich that’s an allergy attack waiting to happen. But a group of retired military leaders who call themselves Mission: Readiness say that school lunches are causing a threat to national security. A report by the Associated Press quotes one of the former officers as saying unhealthy school lunches are making kids “too fat to fight.”

The group released a study that said 27 percent of Americans between the age of 17 and 24 are too overweight to join the military. A startling statistic, to be sure, but how much of this is really based on school lunches?

Naomi Dillon|April 28th, 2010|Categories: American School Board Journal, Educational Research, Governance, Wellness|Tags: , |
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