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Teacher of the year finalist, also one of NSBA’s one to watch

Today the Council of Chief State School Officers announced the finalists of 2011 National Teacher of the Year Program. Besides the fact that three of the four individuals were high school teachers, one other thing stood out to me from the list: Paul Andersen.

Innovative teachers have a way of rising to the top, so it shouldn’t be any surprise that Andersen, a science teacher at Bozeman School District #7 in Montana was also named one of NSBA’s Technology Leadership Network’s “20 to Watch.”

And in Andersen’s case, he really is an individual to watch as the nearly 300,000 hits to his “Bozeman Biology” podcasts have shown. Watch him in action in this introduction to the subject.

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Education technology leadership honored in this year’s “20 to Watch” list

From a school librarian who’s blog of book selections is read around the country to a kindergarten teacher turned top executive at a major digital education resources company who’s extolled the value of educational social networking along the way, this year’s “20 to Watch” list are movers and shakers in the education area who are as cutting edge as the technologies they utilize.

Check out these remarkable individuals and their impressive biographies.  They will be recognized at next week’s T+L Conference in Phoenix.

In the meantime, view Paul Andersen’s collection of instructional videos he posts on YouTube, called Bozeman Biology. No wonder he was also named the 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year.

Below is one of Anderson’s videos that has received 7,969 views. Clearly Anderson doesn’t have that many students, so it is great to know that so many other are watching!

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