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Nov. ASBJ explores the role of civics education, social media in creating engaged electorate

The presidential election has dominated the campaign season, but local leaders know it’s not the only thing of importance on the ballot. Along with bond referendums to fund capital projects, school board candidates will be vying for open seats— and many will be employing social media to help them do it, as you’ll learn in November’s issue of the American School Board Journal.  

In “Campaigning with Social Media,” Senior Editor Naomi Dillon explores the role Web 2.0 tools like Twitter and Facebook have increasingly played in school board elections. 

It’s a companion piece to Senior Editor Lawrence Hardy’s article on civics education, which many say is essential to getting the next generation to understand the importance of engaging in civic life in the first place.

And on that note, don’t forget to exercise your right and vote on Election Day.

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In some ways, staying in touch digitally never has been simpler. Designed for novice communicators, social media sites provide templates and “plug-and-play” features that make it easy to upload logos, photos, videos, and other content. These sites have the added benefit of being free, no small thing during tough budget times.

Still, figuring out how to deploy social media strategically, let alone maintain a whole new set of tools with dwindling staff resources, is a complex process even leading advertising firms and major corporations are wrestling with.

In her latest installation, ASBJ communications columnist Nora Carr shares what higher education have learned about managing their messages through social media and what the K-12 community can take from it.

Read what she has to say here. It’s free but only for a limited time.

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