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How a Virtual Learning Environment Can and Should Help Learners

Jeff Borden gave a great presentation on the rationale of why and how online learning can help students and teachers. His talk was not full of the often empty rhetoric about how “digital learners” are different from the rest of us. I’ve thought and written about this on my blog ( Jeff said the learners haven’t changed–the way they and we learn has changed. I think the sooner we include everyone in the conversation about learners the better. No one benefits from creating a divide between so-called digital and non-digital learners. Another point that Jeff made was that students like technology because they like variety. We all like variety–young and old. Online learning can help address this deep need inside of all of us.

Another important way Jeff made for the case for online learning is that the technology can meet the many needs that teachers have everyday. As teachers, we want our students to write more, to think more, to create more. Online technology tools can help us achieve these goals. By using some very straight-forward tools effectively, we can get a lot of return for our investment. What really came through in Jeff’s talk was that he wasn’t just a “tech head” going off on the cool new tools. It was very clear that he uses these tools in actual classrooms. It’s great to hear from someone who has “the goods” and can help teach and inspire others.

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Pre Seattle

I’m looking forward to going to Seattle. My in-box has been deluged with email related to the conference. It seems there’s a lot for sale! My goal is to find out more about state of the art technology plans related to teaching and learning – not technology for technology’s sake, but technology for learning’s sake. What kinds of training do teachers need to ensure kids learn well utlizing technology? How can we provide that training and still have time left to provide the training necessary to improve instruction?What do the experts on school improvement have to say about technology? I hope I’m not the only one less interested in “stuff” and mroe interested in how we use technolgoy to support student learning. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

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