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Where does it STEM from?

1009ASBJIt’s another crisis in America, again impacting the country’s competitiveness in the world, and requiring education to step up and meet the challenge.

The push for more STEM curriculum or science, technology, math, and engineeering  instruction in schools is the latest calamity and call to action. It’s also the cover package of October’s ASBJ.

You’ll have to read my colleague, Larry Hardy’s story to get an overview of the issue and whether this really is a crisis.

In doing research and reporting for the accompanying sidebars, however, I discovered there really is some validity to the “crisis” designation— and its buried in the ground.

Game simulations, video conferencing, online learnings— schools have myriad new technology applications available today, enabling to make instruction in STEM subjects (any subjects for that matter) more relevant, dynamic, and customizable to each student.

Problem is, you can’t really access those applications unless you have the technological infrastructure to support them.

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Life’s Certainties: Blue JELL-O and the Cartoon Network

The start of the school year is a great time to stop and take stock of exactly what frame of reference the customer (our students) bring into the education system. Take a look at the annual list Beloit College compiled of the cultural touchstones for their future class of 2013. Their world is different. They don’t remember a world without the Cartoon Network and blue JELL-O! In addition, text has always been hyper, the European Union has always existed, and Rap music has been main stream. The way they communicate with one another, view the world, and find information bears no resemblance to student behavior of the 1970’s…a time when many of today’s teachers and school leaders were in high school. Understanding the fundamental differences between the students of yesterday and today’s youth is an ongoing challenge in a world where technology introduces new opportunities and potential pitfalls at an ever increasing rate.

NSBA’s Technology Leadership Network offers K-12 educators an opportunity to learn from one another about the best ways to serve this amazing new generation of students with their passion for creating and connecting. Student voices will be an important part of the mini-academy on 21st century learning during NSBA’s T+L Conference in Denver, Oct 28-30, so participants can hear first-hand how they blend technology throughout their lives and how they want and expect it to support their learning. Join us!

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Right for the job!

BoardBuzz was intrigued by this story from Sherwood, Arkansas. When his school had an opening for computer network administrator, Jon Penn applied, interviewed and was offered the job.

The catch? He’s eleven years old.

Once the school board heard his presentation on modernizing the computer system, the position was his!

“He calls it geek speak and he talks like that. I have to remind him to say it in English,” explains Jon’s mom Paula Penn.

She’s the school librarian and says Jon’s been a computer guru since age 3.

He does the job for free because he enjoys working on computers. And Penn said that so far his work has not affected his social life. He still enjoys recess with his friends. BoardBuzz is glad to see he has an appropriate work-life balance.

In addition to his plan for modernizing the system, Penn has installed a program to protect students from unsafe websites and helped to teach a class. Well-spoken and articulate, Penn has certainly demonstrated that he was the right person for the job!

As his mom points out, “Parenting is not always about giving information to your children. Sometimes it is about learning from them.” BoardBuzz certainly agrees! What can you learn from the students in your district?

For more technology innovations, why not check out NSBA’s T+L Conference — registration opened this week for what promises to be one hot conference!

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